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Welcome to North Stars BBQ for Books! This year’s event will take place Saturday, September 14, 2019 in Kirksville, Missouri. We again hope to host a wonderful event for both competitors and people visiting. Thank you for your interest in the competition. Below you will find information on the competition, a schedule of events, and a registration link. Please take time to carefully read through the information before filling out your entry.

The North Star BBQ Championship is a BBQ championship hosted by the Rotary Club of Kirksville – North Star. Teams will be competing at this event. You will be competing in the People's Choice division of the competition. All North Star BBQ Championship rules and guidelines will apply. For additional information on Missouri’s North Star BBQ Championship, please visit with us in the following ways:

Event Website:

Facebook Event:


Phone: Megan Smith 314-313-0707 or Chase Smith 660-216-5786


Team Number Limit and Entry Date

The event is limited to the first 12 registering teams. Please submit your registration and have your payment arrive by mail no later than September 1, 2019. See payment information below. 

Prizes Available

Prize money will be awarded in 2 categories. The first category will be Kirksville's Best BBQ (voted by our celebrity judges) and the second category, People's Choice Award (voted by the people of Kirksville)


Kirksville's Best BBQ Award

1st Place - $600

2nd Place - $400

3rd Place - $200

Peoples Choice Award

1st Place - $500

2nd Place - $200

3rd Place - $100

Event Information 

Safety Guidelines: Each team must read through, understand, and comply with the safety regulations associated with the event. Click here to download the regulations.

Meat Category: All teams will cook pork butt to be eligible to win prize money. Pork butt will be served to patrons at the event for the People's Choice Award and our celebrity judges for the Kirksville's Best BBQ Award. Meat may be prepared ahead of time but must be cooked on site. Meat can be prepared using any spices, sauces, or mix-ins. 


Equipment and Materials: Teams will need to bring their own materials, equipment, and will need to cook a minimum of 35 pounds of meat Any grill type (gas, charcoal, wood, electric) is acceptable. 

Sampling: Each team will be required to cook a minimum of 35 pounds of meat. Event guests will be sampling the meat prepared by each team and will vote for the People's Choice Award. One ounce sample cups will be provided and used to distribute to those attending the event (keep in mind we anticipate 400-600 people. One ounce sample to each attendant will add up to around 35 pounds of meat needed for the event. We will also provide forks and napkins for distribution.  Each team will be judged by event guests on who they think has the best BBQ. Awards will be presented to the winning teams. 

Booth Size: Spaces are approximately 20' x 30'. Parking for vehicles will be available in a designated area. Additional booth space may be available for an additional cost. Contact Megan Smith (314.313.0707) for more information on additional space.


Peoples Choice & Kirksville's Best BBQ Awards:

1: People’s Choice Awards - teams will be judged by the people attending the event.

2: Kirksville's Best BBQ Awards - teams will be judged on Taste, Tenderness, & Appearance

2: People's Choice Event attendees will purchase a pass to get into the event. 

3: People sampling the meat will be allowed one sample from each team. 

4: Event attendees will cast their votes for the best food at the event for the People's Choice Award. 

5: Celebrity judges will determine Kirksville's Best BBQ based on taste, tenderness, and appearance.

5: Votes will be tallied and the top teams will receive awards. 


Schedule of Events

Saturday, September  14
6:00 AM - Team Check-In Begins (Teams may arrive earlier per request)

3:00 PM - Sponsor Vendors may arrive to set up their vendor spots

5:15 PM - Celebrity Judges will begin judging the teams BBQ

5:30 PM - Event Guests Arrive, Entertainment Begins

5:30 PM - Sampling Begins

7:45 PM - Sampling Ends

8:00 PM - Scoring of Judges Ballots for both Celebrity Judges and Peoples Choice Awards

8:30 PM - Awards Ceremony (We may start early if votes are scored in time)



Waiver of Liability

All teams must complete a Waiver of Liability form and mail it in with their check.

Entry Fees and Payment


Entry Fee: $75 
Electrical at Cook Site: FREE (please bring your own extension cords)

Sending in Payment: Checks should be made payable, in the full amount due, to The Rotary Club of Kirksville – North Star. Payment must accompany a completed Registration Form and Waiver of Liability. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted.
All payment must be received by September 1, 2019. Checks and Waiver Forms can be mailed to:

Rotary Club of Kirksville – North Star
Attn: BBQ Team Relations
Post Office Box 822
Kirksville, Missouri 63501



Submitting an Application

Applications must be completed online using the link below. Entrance into the competition will only be reserved when an application is submitted and payment arrives in the mail.

Click Here to Submit an Application


If you would prefer to mail a paper form, please download it here​.

Stay Social With Us


Visit the Facebook page for the Rotary Club of Kirksville - North Star. 

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Questions? Let Us Know!


For more information, talk with Megan or Chase Smith, committee chairs with North Star Rotary. They more than happy to help all the competitors, judges, and visitors with any questions you might have.

You can reach Megan at 314-313-0707 or Chase at 660-216-5786.


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